A Luxury World Cruise on Viking Sun

See the world on a cruiseBe part of nautical history on the Ultimate World Cruise offered by Viking Ocean Cruises.  Embark on an incredible journey to six continents, 59 countries, 113 ports with 22 port overnights on the luxurious and elegant Viking Sun. If exploring some of the world’s most iconic places is a priority, you will be able to check many of them off your bucket list on this cruise vacation.  Continue reading

World Cruises: Experience the Vacation of a Lifetime

World Cruises

There is nothing as life-changing as traveling the world and the adventures that await you on a world cruise are nothing short of spectacular. Imagine awakening each day ready to explore legendary cities, the history of ancient civilizations and the world’s many diverse and exotic cultures. Sailing on a world cruise offers all of this and so much more.

An incredible experience awaits you. Visit the world’s seven continents in comfort and luxury. Explore South America from the Amazon to the Andes. Visit the mysterious Easter Island. Discover South Africa’s diverse landscape and cultures. Marvel at Egypt’s ancient wonders and glorious past. Journey to exotic India and experience the enchantment of Asia and the Pacific. Let the treasures of the Mediterranean take you back in time. The extraordinary itineraries of a world cruise offer even the most experienced traveler new adventures and life changing experiences which will create memories that will last a lifetime.

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