Norwegian Fjords Cruises

Northern Lights - aurora borealis

Shorten your bucket list this year and take an incredible Norwegian fjords cruise. You’ll experience fascinating cultures, breathtaking beauty, captivating sights and more from the luxury and comfort of a cruise ship.

Add images to your photo album of the breathtaking fjords, stunning archipelagos and charming towns. Shimmering waterfalls, snow-capped mountains and verdant forests are just the beginning of the magic in this region.

Norwegian fjords cruise itineraries often include Bergen, Geiranger, Flåm, (with the beautiful Aurlandsfjord flowing through it), Stavanger, Oslo and more. Explore history-rich cities such as St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Copenhagen and more.


Discover why beautiful Geirangerfjord is called the “jewel” of the fjords as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Framed by a stunning mountainous backdrop, it’s situated between two snow-covered peaks and steep-sided rock walls. Thunderous waterfalls rushing down add to its allure. The Seven Sisters and The Suitor are two more facing each other across the fjord. Bridal Veil is, yet another, incredible waterfall named for the semi-sheer mist enveloping the rocks when snow melts and water cascades down the mountainside in the spring. Backlit by sunshine it creates an awe-inspiring sight.

The Midnight Sun & Northern Lights

Norewegian fjords cruise sights - Green and purple Aurora Borealis Norway.

Witness, in the summer months, the legendary Midnight Sun. During this time-frame the sun never completely sets for an extended period of time. This “daylight” can last for weeks or even months. Primarily during wintertime, the world-famous Northern Lights, also called the aurora borealis provides a mesmerizing light show.

Norwegian Fjords Cruises To Oslo

Bordered by serene blue waters and a lush forest, cosmopolitan Oslo will enthrall you. Visit the National Gallery, which houses works of art by Norwegian artist, Edvard Munch, including his famous masterpiece, “The Scream.” The Oslo Opera House is widely considered to be the country’s most beautiful building. Stunning white granite and elegant Italian Carrara marble create an image of a glistening icy glacier sliding into a fjord. Vigeland Sculpture Park is a visual feast. See the world’s best preserved wooden Viking ships and artifacts on display at the Viking Ship Museum.

Norwegian Fjords Cruise Shore Adventures

Active guests have many exhilarating excursion options on a Norwegian Fjords cruise. Some may include hiking to the summit and visiting Geiranger Skywalk platform for unmatched views. Put your feet to the pedals and bike through a picturesque town. Grab your oars and kayak across sparkling waters. Go snowshoe hiking or zip-lining in and around Bergen. Take a Segway tour of various cities or a thrilling ride on the legendary Flåm Railway.

Wildlife on Norwegian Fjords Cruises

Animal-lovers have unique opportunities to see diverse local wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled for the elusive fluffy Arctic fox or polar bears. Elk and reindeer may cross your path as they’re out for a stroll. Bird-watchers may be treated to a glimpse of the rare Steller’s eider, colorful puffins or the white-tailed sea eagle. Watch the water’s surface for marine mammals including Harbor Seals, Beluga, Killer and Sperm Whales.

Embark on your Norwegian Fjords cruise and enjoy and its incomparable sights on an amenity-filled cruise ship. Be escorted in stylish comfort through this land of lush greenery, cascading falls and Viking history and dine on world-class cuisine, enjoy thrilling entertainment, get pampered and retire to delightful accommodations.

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