Bermuda Cruises – an Ideal Vacation

Beautiful white sand beaches on a Bermuda CruiseCruising to Bermuda offers the ideal way to visit the “Jewel of the Atlantic.” We completely understand why people travel from around the globe to this idyllic island of pink-sand beaches, pastel-colored houses, aquamarine-hued water, a myriad of water sports and fascinating history. Once upon a time this destination was thought of as being just for honeymooners. Thank goodness travelers of all ages and interests have discovered the many charms of this lovely destination with its wonderful British ambiance.

Great news! Multiple cruise lines offer cruises to Bermuda, which is located just 600 miles east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Set sail from northeastern ports of Boston, New York City, Bayonne and Baltimore and you’ll find yourself in Bermuda in about a day and a half. In addition, you can find some voyages are also offered from Miami, as well as featured on select transatlantic and repositioning voyages.

Why Take a Bermuda Cruise?

Cruise to Bermuda’s Beautiful Beaches

Many visitors go to Bermuda for its storied and postcard perfect beaches, many with gorgeous pink sand. Two of the best known are Warwick Long Bay Beach and stunning Horseshoe Bay – considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Located in a small cove, Baby Beach is a favorite of families because of its tree-shaded areas, clear shallow water and man-made Snorkel Park with waterslides for the kids. It’s also ideal for snorkelers. Sea Glass Beach in Hamilton sparkles with unique beauty and is also a treasured gem. Can you find an orange piece? If you do, it’s just for fun as you can’t take it with you. Evidently, marauding bands of tourists and cruise ship guests have pillaged the beaches until the island made it illegal to remove the sea glass.

Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo

Known as BAMZ, this popular complex, founded in 1926, features an aquarium, museum and a zoo. See seals, turtles, fish, monkeys, birds and the first living coral reef exhibit in the world. Captivating displays at this renowned facility include the pelagic fish (which may include sharks and grouper) a variety of birds, marine turtles and delightful harbor seals. Showcased here is the incredible 140,000-ton “North Rock Tank,” which is one of the largest in the world, and is a living replica of one of Bermuda’s breathtaking coral reefs. This is also home to the Humpback Whale Project as it is perfectly situated midway between their North Atlantic feeding grounds and their winter home in the Caribbean. Primary support for this ground-braking center comes from the Bermuda Zoological Society and the Atlantic Conservation partnership.


Speaking of whales, participate in a once in a lifetime whale-watching tour sure to thrill the whole family. Year after year, a parade of 40-ton humpback whales passes through the waters off Bermuda in March and April when they migrate from the Caribbean to their feeding grounds in Canada, Greenland and Iceland. What a sight to behold! Breathtaking doesn’t even begin to describe it.


Are you curious about what lies beneath the ocean’s surface? Explore offshore, local sea life and coral reefs, by way of helmet-diving. You’ll be glad to know that snorkeling skills and scuba lessons are not required. Discover the many wonders of the sea as you come face-to-face with kaleidoscopic tropical fish and more.

Crystal Caves 

One of Bermuda’s most awe-inspiring adventures is found at magical Crystal Caves. Gaze at incredible stalactites and stalagmites that are thought to be millions of years old. Crystalline azure-colored underground pools, chandelier clusters and the delicate crystallized soda straws which grace the ceilings will leave you spellbound.  Lesser known Fantasy Caves are nearby and are also quite beautiful.

Fascinating Forts

Step back in time as you explore Bermuda’s former naval and military strongholds. Herein you’ll see the authentic cannons and thick stone walls that protected Bermuda from invaders. Impressive as well as the largest in Bermuda, Fort St. Catherine is the historic site where the first settlers came onshore. It now, also, houses a museum dedicated to this island’s unique history. Kids and adults alike will be in awe when they examine firsthand the fort’s massive ramparts and antique artillery, along with a labyrinth of tunnels. Fort Hamilton was originally built to protect Hamilton Harbour from an American invasion. Now a park, it was outfitted with underground passageways, multi-ton guns and even a moat. The Royal Naval Dockyard was built in 1815 as a naval base and was a stronghold for over 150 years. Currently known for dining, shopping and as a popular cruise port, it also houses the National Museum of Bermuda.

Go Golfing

It’s tee-time o’clock somewhere! Boasting the most golf courses per square mile than anywhere in the world, Bermuda is a golf lover’s dream. Lovers of the sport will be thrilled to discover six world-class courses throughout the island. The Beautiful links here have drawn pro-golfers, heads of state, royalty and movie stars over the years. Each stunning course was designed to be challenging, picturesque and cutting edge. Fore!

Afternoon Tea Bermuda-style

Paying homage to its cultural history, enjoy the other “tea time” with traditional British afternoon tea, typically taken between 3 and 5pm. Indulge in delicate porcelain cups brimming with this steaming treat accompanied by a wide array of mouthwatering sandwiches, such as asparagus and smoked salmon, cucumber and chevre (goat cheese), among other palate-pleasing delights. Satisfy your sweet tooth with decadent treats that may include rum chocolate mousse cups or apricot and fig scones with clotted cream and raspberry jam.

Gibbs’ Hill Lighthouse 

 Climb the 185-step spiral staircase of Gibbs’ Hill Lighthouse and find yourself rewarded with some of the most spectacular views of Bermuda. Built in 1846 of cast iron, this 117-foot-tall lighthouse is both the oldest of its kind in the world and one of only two cast-iron lighthouses still in existence. Overlooking the iconic pink-sand beaches of South Shore and Little Sound from this vantage point you’ll be gifted with mesmerizing views of the City of Hamilton and the Royal Dockyard.

Bermuda Botanical Gardens

japanese-garden-bermuda botanical gardenGreeting visitors at the gorgeous Bermuda Botanical Gardens is the delightful fragrance, wafting through the air, of vibrantly hued flowers, including roses, flowering hibiscus and frangipani. Stroll through this 35-acre venue, created in 1898 and brimming with lush foliage, fruit trees, an aviary and even a maze garden. Discover orchid greenhouses and a sensory garden for the blind. Nature-lovers, photographers, and garden enthusiasts will feel like they have reached nirvana.

Delight in culture, history, architecture, magnificent beaches, natural wonders and more that comprise Bermuda. This lovely island features 21-square-miles of sun, fun, history, exciting nightlife, fabulous restaurants, chic bars, shopping and more. Visiting the magical “Jewel of the Atlantic” on a Bermuda cruise, makes it an ideal vacation as activities abound for all ages and interests.

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