Cruising Solo? You’re Not Alone!

Join the growing trend of “solo cruising” as more people are venturing out on their own when they go on vacation. With this expanding popularity, select lines now feature dedicated  “solo accommodations” and some have reduced or done away with charging a “single supplement,” so you are only charged for yourself. More and more solo travelers are choosing an exciting cruise for their solo sojourn. The great news is that a variety of selections are available, both on the high seas and on river sailings.

Feel welcome the moment you step aboard and are greeted by an attentive staff. Independent travelers are looked after and made to feel comfortable, with receptions and cocktail parties specifically for solo sailors.

Here are 5 excellent reasons you may just want to try solo cruising:

  1. Great Way to Meet New People

Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to join others at dinner. This is the perfect way to acquaint yourself with new people in a delightfully relaxed setting.  Make lifelong friends just strolling around the ship, on shore excursions, at the onboard spa and the many chic bars and lounges. Some lines have a dedicated concierge that will handle specialty dining reservations and more for you in addition to a nightly happy hour just for solo guests which is another ideal way to socialize with your fellow independent travelers. Some ships feature gentlemen hosts who available as dance partners for those women who wish dance the night away.

  1. Innovative Solo Cabins

As a result of this expanding segment of vacationers, dedicated accommodations that have been designed for one guest are offered on several cruise lines. Innovative and desirable features purposefully catering to these guests may include a stunning complex of swanky solo cabins with an exclusive lounge for these guests, interior cabins with “virtual balconies” that offer sea views on a floor-to-ceiling LED screen and single occupancy ocean-view staterooms..

3. River Cruise Solo Cabins

Have you been longing to experience a fabulous river cruise and see what everyone is raving about? Don’t let traveling alone stop you. More and more, some lines plying the rivers of America, Europe and elsewhere, now offer solo accommodations. Because river ships are more intimate, carrying fewer guests, they provide a relaxed ambiance to comfortably socialize and with fellow like-minded.

  1. Get Away from it All for Some “Me Time”

Searching for some “me time?” Simply relax and do as you please when you travel solo. Cruising by yourself isn’t a lonely experience at all. You’ll feel like a VIP as you leave all your cares behind, are looked after by the staff and take advantage of the many onboard amenities. Relax at the pool, make your way to the spa for a massage, take some classes in a state-of-the-art fitness center and savor delicious cuisine at a myriad of restaurants. Head to the library and pick out that bestseller you have been longing to read, but haven’t had the time for. Return home feeling rejuvenated after being pampered, making new friends and visiting to exciting destinations.

  1. Do What You Want, When You Want

You’ll feel a refreshing sense of freedom on your cruise when traveling alone as you are the chief of your own schedule. Dine at the fabulous restaurant of your choice, decide what entertainment venue you would like to attend and which shore excursions to enjoy. When and whether to do it all, or not to do it, that is the question!

These are just some of the advantages of cruising solo and why so many have fallen in love with the experience. If you have hesitated in the past, there’s no time like the present as you are sure to love the freedom and many joys of cruising by yourself. Go ahead, cruise solo, you won’t be alone!

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