Why take a Multi-Generational Group Cruise?

Family Cruise

Bring the whole family along on a fabulous multi-generational group cruise for what may very well be your best vacation ever. It is no wonder they continue to grow in popularity as travelers learn of its many benefits. They provide the perfect opportunity for extended family reunions, holidays and to celebrate milestones, such as graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, vow-renewals and other special occasions.

Easy and fun for everyone, multi-generational cruises have fast become a favorite of many baby boomers who want their children and grandchildren to join them on their vacation, as well as their parents. Throughout your cruise, simply enjoy the company of relatives as you receive attentive service, whether it is a pampering massage at the spa or room service when you are craving pizza at midnight. You never have to lift a finger. No cooking, cleaning or setting up the spare bedroom.

Onboard select from a variety of accommodations, dining and entertainment options. All were thoughtfully planned with everyone’s budgets, needs and tastes in mind. Something special will be provided for your entire family – whatever age group — with offerings varying by cruise ship.

Family CruisesIf you have been wanting to experience an exciting river cruise in Europe or elsewhere, it may be the perfect opportunity to get together with your extended family. Imagine an unforgettable Tulip Time journey along storied rivers that are sure to bring smiles to everyone and an incredible Christmas Market Cruise will make this your best holiday season and one you will talking about for years to come. Select family-oriented sailings keeping everyone entertained offer specially tailored shore excursions so you can share unique adventures.

Exciting Amenities for Everyone

Whatever your age, an exciting amenity or activity will be available to you. Special age-specific youth programs and activities for children, tweens and teens will keep younger family members entertained.  In addition, they’ll appreciate having their own exclusive areas and lounges. Depending on the ship, go rock-climbing, try a surfing simulator and more. Indulge in soothing treatments and services at the spa and keep-up with your fitness journey at the state-of-the-art fitness center. Together families can participate in cooking classes or competitions, play various games, go shopping and so much more.  Theaters with thrilling productions, bustling casinos, poolside cinemas, bowling alleys, ice skating rinks, bumper cars, sports courts and other fun for everyone is waiting for your group onboard.


Because many onboard offerings are already included in the price of the fare, a family cruise vacation can be very cost-effective. No need to keep tabs or worry about who is going to pay for meals or entertainment. Simply enjoy the many amenities and activities and share time during this rare opportunity to catch-up with loved ones you may not have seen in awhile.

Family-Friendly Accommodations

Family Cruise Accommodations

Cruises allow you to make yourself at home and  there’s no need  to set-up the spare room for the in-laws! More cruise ships now offer staterooms designed to accommodate large families. Many are now connected, so you are close to family, but everyone has his or her own space and privacy. Older ships are being refitted with family-friendly staterooms, many of which are interconnected , so you can open doors to create a spacious suite or close them. Some ships now even boast “studio” and other accommodations for those traveling solo.

Delicious Dining

Family Cruise DiningMany cruisers like the delicious, ever-flowing and incredible variety of cuisine that will be served while on vacation. Diverse restaurants serve something to please the palate of everyone in the family. Even the most finicky kids are sure to find something they love. Special menus were created just for them with that in mind, with all of their favorites, from pizza and pasta, to chicken nuggets, hamburgers and mac-and-cheese. Pizza is often available 24/7, poolside eateries and other casual venues boast grilled fare such as hamburgers, grilled chicken, international fare and other tasty treats.

Looking for a cozy dinner for two? Many ships feature intimate adults-only restaurants and al fresco options for a romantic candlelight dinner under the stars. Main dining rooms provide the perfect setting for the family to gather around a big table and enjoy each other’s company – perfect to catch-up on everyone’s exciting activities of the day.  Whether you prefer or require special meals including vegetarian, heart healthy, no sugar, no salt, etc… most ships offer these as well and your server will always be happy to assist you in determining the perfect selection for you. Let your travel agent know as well, when you make your reservations so they can notify the cruise line ahead of time.

Do Your Own Thing

Plenty of onboard space means everyone can do what interests them. A bevy of age-appropriate happenings affords guests the opportunity to take advantage of as much togetherness – or not – as you like. You will have the freedom to go off and “do your own thing” then meet-up for various meals together and share your exciting adventures. Cruise ships have amenities to appeal to different generations, including pools, hot tubs, extensive sports facilities and more.  Some ships have serene adults-only areas and adults will find many chic bars and lounges to relax with their favorite libation or dance the night away. Shop in boutiques, stroll on the promenade, listen to live music the time and choices are yours.

See the World with Loved Ones

Cheerful multi-generation family at beach during sunny day

Wherever you travel in the world, exploring a destination with family makes it even better as you create memories together. Caribbean cruises are always popular for multi-generational travelers looking for warm tropical breezes and sun-kissed beaches with endless water sports. Alaska is another favorite destination, will lots of unique family-friendly shore excursions, from salmon bakes to whale-watching. Take a helicopter ride over an icy-blue glacier for an unforgettable experience.  Your favorite history and architecture buffs will relish a Mediterranean cruise and you may even inspire new future aficionados.

Easy Way to Travel with Kids

Make your vacation experience easy-peasy and hassle-free. Just pack and unpack once as your kids have the excitement of a thrilling new port nearly everyday.  All meals are fabulous with many options familiar to them so they will have happy tummies.  Events and new friends will keep them engaged. A cruise is a wonderful way for them to learn about the world.

Experience a multi-generational cruise for yourself and enjoy all this and so much more. Create shared memories with your extended family to be discussed and cherished for years to come. Ultimately, the best reason is simply to gain that elusive together time with those you hold dear.

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