Cruises in the Southern Caribbean

Southern Caribbean Cruise

Southern Caribbean cruises offer amazing locales from the French West Indies to the astounding beaches of St. Lucia, Grenada and Dominica. Most major cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Celebrity and others visit these unforgettable locations throughout the summer period when these islands are full of sun, tourists and the locals that call these places home. While the pristine beaches are the most magnetic attractions of the Caribbean, there’s much more to see than sand and seas. offers a wide variety of cruises, itineraries and excursions to the Southern Caribbean destination of your dreams.

Southern Caribbean Cruise

French West Indies: The French West Indies, as the name suggest, have a truly French feel to them in both the population of locals and the architecture. The four main ports, St. Barts, Martinique, Guadeloupe and St. Maarten are the destinations you’re most likely to see on your itinerary. The attitude and ambiance of the French West Indies is about as relaxed as you can ask for which truly brings that island vacation of your dreams to life. There can be language barrier issues for those who don’t speak French that travel further away from tourist areas but locals are known be friendly and helpful to visitors.


St. Lucia: St Lucia’s Port Castries is home to the St Lucia cruise terminal and some of the best duty free shopping on the planet. Many cruise travelers find great treasures in the various shops that line the port. Take in the breathtaking view of the mountains which back up to beaches made famous on both the small and big screen. A large portion of the island is made up of rainforest and excursions to these areas are very popular. There’s even a famous ‘drive in’ volcano that has become a hotspot for tourists looking for a photo-rich experience.

Grenada: The white sands of Grand Anse Beach are one of the main draws of Grenada. Those who have visited Grand Anse end up comparing every other beach to that great spot in Grenada. Though less frequented by the major cruise lines than St. Lucia, Grenada has become a place on many cruise traveler’s wish lists. Foodies should not pass up a trip to St. George’s Market for local spices and cuisine that really help you get a feel for this great island. 

Dominica: Dominica boasts some 300 square miles of beaches, rain forests and villages for you to explore. Animal lovers will appreciate the island’s wide variety of species and birds. One of the most popular excursions is whale-watching which can provide you with a story you won’t soon forget. The weather varies greatly on the island, dropping in the mountains and peaking at the world famous Dominican beaches that you’ll surely want to visit for scuba fun, snorkeling or just taking in the slow, relaxed vibe of this great destination.

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