Cruising into a Fairytale – the Norwegian Fjords

Norwegian Fjiord Cruise

Discover a world of magical beauty on a Norwegian fjords cruise. Breathtaking vistas and amazing wildlife will leave you spellbound. Carved by huge glaciers over millions of years, these towering fjords provide some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. Thunderous waterfalls, lush valleys, snow-capped mountains, emerald forests and awe-inspiring views will provide you with unforgettable memories on these breathtaking sailings.

Norwegian Cruise Scenery

Typically ranging from seven to 14 nights, almost all Norwegian fjords cruise itineraries include the big city of Bergen, while others visit such postcard-perfect places as Geiranger, a stunning village of awe-inspiring beauty, Alesund and Flaam (Flåm). Cruises may also include Oslo and some go as far north as Spitsbergen (Svalbard) in the Arctic.

Waiting to be explored are hidden inlets, dubbed Norway’s “fingers,” where you can view some of this region’s most priceless attributes. Nature-lovers will be enthralled with the amazing scenery including ages-old dramatic rock formations, sparkling waterfalls and quaint fishing villages. Fortunate guests may get to see whales, porpoises and seals along the journey, as well as such rare birds as Puffins, White-winged Redstart and many others. Grazing reindeer have been known to make appearances to the delight of onlookers. Exhilarating shore excursions may include the historic Flåm railway and kayaking.

The Viking Museum in Oslo, NorwayAdditional unique experiences include a visit to Oslo, where one of the main attractions is the unique 75-acre Vigeland Sculpture Park, a favorite for children. Explore the Viking Ship Museum at Bygdøy on the west side of Oslo and see one of the world’s best-preserved wooden Viking ships. The National Gallery houses various works by Norwegian artist, Edvard Munch, including his masterpiece, “The Scream.”  Considered the country’s most beautiful building, the magnificent Opera House was designed to be reminiscent of a glacier sliding into a fjord with its white granite and Italian Carrara marble giving the illusion of glistening ice.

Geiranger fjord on a Norwegian CruiseStunning views are also offered at Geirangerfjord (or Geiranger) — the “jewel” of the fjords. Framed by a picturesque mountainous backdrop, it is set between snow-clad peaks and steep-sided rock walls, with waterfalls rushing from its jagged summits. Highlighting any visit here is the opportunity to behold The Seven Sisters and The Suitor, two thunderous waterfalls which face one another across the fjord. A third, the Bridal Veil, got its name from the eerie mist that comes off  as they cascade down over the rocks.


Bryggen Street In Bergen - NorwayYou’ll find wonderful and traditional handcrafted Norwegian items to bring home, such as classic pewter flatware, watches and jewelry. Native hand-knitted sweaters make an ideal souvenir choice as they are part of a long tradition in Norway. A favorite keepsake is the country’s unique folk-art called rosemaling – a decorative style of painting, often used in colorful ornaments and boxes.

Revel in the majesty and pristine beauty you will experience up-close on a Norwegian fjords cruise in this fairytale part of the world. Several cruise lines and luxury ships will transport you here in sublime comfort for the vacation of a lifetime.

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