Cruise Ship Entertainment

Long gone are the days when standard entertainment on a cruise ship simply meant after-dinner dancing to a live orchestra and passenger talent shows. Today cruises  feature fantastic choices that get more thrilling every year, with offerings varying by cruise line and ship. Shipboard entertainment has been elevated with creative shows, unique performance areas and state-of-the-art productions.

High-tech light, music and water shows on the top deck are just some of the unforgettable entertainment enhancements designed to captivate you on your cruise vacation. Innovative technology also includes raising the bar on theater productions, such as a two-story stage with a 270-degree LED projection screen that adds energy and light to shows for one-of-a-kind experience.  State-of-the-art kitchens host cooking demonstrations and classes to tickle the palate of foodies.

Chic lounges provide the perfect setting for all kinds of entertainers – vocalists, comedians, musicians and  karaoke contestants. Some ships have rinks with ice-skating shows! You won’t believe you are at sea as you enjoy incredible spectaculars featuring professional skaters that will astound you with jaw-dropping jumps, lifts and spins.  Laugh until  it hurts at comedy clubs and shows.  Family-friendly performances are early and later in the evening are for adults-only.

Theaters showcase Broadway shows and  Cirque du Soleil-style performances. Water-based acrobatic shows take place at an outdoor pool-based stage area with 30-foot-high diving platforms and will delight everyone in the family.

Dance the night away at discos, many with DJ’s spinning the hottest tunes. Jam out with a variety of musicians and house bands who will perform your favorite songs from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, as well as current selections. Sway to the music until sunrise and participate in unforgettable themed parties. Fun evenings can be spent joining in sing-alongs at the always popular piano bars, where you can request your favorites.

Live music abounds on most, if not all, ships, adding an uplifting ambiance to your cruise vacation. You will be tapping your toes or dancing to a variety of styles including standards, top-40 favorites, reggae, salsa, fun poolside DJs and bands. Chill-out with live jazz and blues performances at a variety of popular venues. You will feel like you are watching the real thing when you watch talented impersonators.

Grab a mic and coax out your inner rock star or country crooner at exhilarating karaoke competitions. Of course, if you’re looking for something a little more low-key, you can relax to the soothing sounds of a string quartet or a harpist.

Movie aficionados, music lovers and sports fans will relish the over-the-top offerings. Some ships provide blockbusters, concerts and live sporting events on a gigantic screen under the stars on the top deck. Extra perks include the comfort of a toasty blanket and popcorn.

Immerse yourself in the IMAX experience taking movie-going to another level. First-run Hollywood features, recent hits and fascinating IMAX documentaries are all more exciting in IMAX.

Special 3D and 4D theaters have amazing  video affects that will make you feel part of the experience — with wind in your hair, a splash of water and seats that make you feel like you are part of the action. Not for the faint-hearted, as your spine tingles with thrills and chills.

Innovative multimedia theaters combine virtual concerts, robotics, aerial shows and video projection to provide technology-enhanced spectacles that will leave you awe-struck as dazzling acrobatic displays take place in the air above your head.

Enjoy dinner and a mystery or magic show whereby passengers are intertwined with the story as a joke-cracking cast mixes in with diners at select restaurants. Strolling musicians and a “stowaway pianist” delight guests as they sporadically appear around the ship with impromptu sing-alongs.

For many, casino games provide an exhilarating level of entertainment. Challenge Lady Luck at blackjack, poker and slots among others. Take a few spins at the roulette wheel and register for exciting tournaments.

These are among the entertainment options available that will make your family’s cruise vacation even more memorable and fun.

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10 Reasons to Take a Family Cruise


Family cruises are exciting and offer something special for everyone. Bring the kids along for a special vacation experience you will all remember and talk about for years to come. Take the parents too for a multi-generations vacation or reunion holiday. There’s room for everyone.

1. Incredible Value

Family cruise vacations are very cost-effective compared to a holiday at a land-based resort. Several dining choices, daytime and nighttime entertainment, children and teen activities, plus much more is included in the fare. Instead of paying for separate meals, various entertainment, such as production shows and movies, which can quickly add up, everything is included!

2. Something for All Age Groups

Cruising on these family-friendly ships provide a myriad of activities geared toward different age groups. Everyone from tots to grandparents can enjoy something special and be as adventurous or inactive as they like. Kids can head to the waterslides at the water park, teens can spend time at the video arcade and adults can lounge in the sun or get a rejuvenating massage at the spa. Take an educational lecture, do yoga, go to a wine-tasting, watch a more or a production show. There are endless possibilities to explore. Try the ropes course, go bowling and take a ride in the bumper cars. Some ships have ice-skating and a merry-go-round.

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3. Visit Multiple Destinations

Another advantage of a family cruise is that you can wake up each day or so (depending on the itinerary) in a new place adding more excitement to you and the kids’ vacation. They can have a daily surprise as they peek out the window or balcony doors and guess where they are for a fun experience.

4. Adults Get to Relax

Family cruises do not have to mean parents don’t get time to themselves. With the many activities and babysitting services offered on many ships, adults can actually have quality time for themselves. Depending on the ship, there are adults-only restaurants for romantic candlelit dinners under the stars and dancing. Melt your cares away at the pools, whirlpools and have a couples side-by-side massage at the spa.

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5. Family Reunion

A cruise vacation provides the perfect venue for the extended family to get together in a fun and relaxing setting. They can spend as much time together as they want but also have the freedom to enjoy whatever interests them. Catch-up with the family in lovely surroundings as you enjoy each other’s company without having to worry about cooking, cleaning or fixing up the spare bedroom. It is an ideal setting. Travel in the utmost of comfort on a beautiful ship to exciting destinations and really enjoy seeing the family.

6. Accommodations

Many cruise ships now boast “family staterooms” that can accommodate five or six guests. Some are also interconnecting, so there will be more bathrooms and storage space. In addition, there is a large variety of cabin types from inside staterooms to luxurious suites. Different family members can select the perfect stateroom according to their preference and budget.

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7. Kids, Teens & Tweens

Family-friendly offering include age-specific kids’ program. Depending on the cruise line, they can enjoy a variety of ever expanding kids programs sure to keep them happy. They can meet their favorite DreamWorks characters with Royal Caribbean and go on mega-waterslides with Carnival and Disney. Norwegian Cruise Line has Kids Aqua Park, Wii video games, Nickelodeon TV and activities with SpongeBob Square Pants. Many people are concerned about what Tweens (ages 12 to 14) and Teens (up to age 17) can do on a cruise, knowing they get bored so easily. The good news is many ships have areas just for them. There are pizza parties, video and high-tech games, dances and much more fun activities.

8. Dining to Please Everyone

Dining is easier than ever on cruise ships, with a host of eateries that are family-friendly. There are buffets, casual choices and many restaurants have a “kid-friendly” menu with such popular favorites as mac ’n cheese, pizza, hot dogs, burgers and ice cream. There are adults-only restaurants and a host of culinary choices on the ships with delicious cuisine from around the world, including regional dishes. There are formal options, alfresco and much more. Elegant restaurants serving exquisite cuisine and fine wines are also available.

9. Packing and Unpacking Just Once

A big advantage to taking a family cruise is that you just have to pack and unpack once as your floating resort take you from one exciting destination to another. Especially when traveling with kids, life is much easier when you can simply sit-back and enjoy your vacation and not have to worry about clothes and suitcases.

10. Shared Memories

Last but not least, a family cruise provides many happy occasions that the family gets to share. Experiencing fun and unique times create memories that last forever.  Whether it is snorkeling in the Caribbean, panning for gold in Alaska or seeing the historic sites of Europe for the first time, family cruises are priceless.

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Choose from several family-friendly cruise lines, including Carnival Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, Costa Cruises, Holland America Line, MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean International

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Why Cruises Are Perfect For Family Reunions: There is Something For Everyone

family reunion There’s probably nothing more wonderful for a family than the opportunity for generations to get together and have fun. Using a cruise ship gives you the convenience of a ‘one-stop’ shopping experience to plan a perfect holiday for every generation in the family, reduces the stress involved in planning, and frees everyone up to focus on enjoying one another’s company. How does it work?

Because cruise ships already focus on providing a top-notch experience for family members of all ages, everything for your family is already in place. On their own, family members can individually participate in spa treatments, exercise classes, cooking demonstrations, kids programs – the list goes on and on. After a family dinner (the cruise line will arrange for all of you to sit together), everyone is off and running again to watch a Broadway-style show, have a try a karaoke, hit the casino, or enjoy a walk in the moonlight and watch the ocean.

Another big plus is that everyone will know their food and lodging costs upfront and can plan accordingly – so no hidden surprises. And, family members who may want to pay for more luxurious cabins may do so, while those with smaller budgets can still be happy and comfortable in less expensive cabins.

No matter which family member organizes the reunion, everyone gets to have a fun and relaxing time. No one gets stuck with cooking and cleaning or looking after everyone else’s needs. That’s part of the service package that comes with your cruise price. While everyone is out having fun, your cabin attendants are keeping your rooms neat and tidy!

Did we mention the space to spread out while you’re having a grand time? Some of today’s cruise ship’s are the length of several football fields and as tall as a skyscraper. This means that large reunion groups still have plenty of options finding places to do things together, while smaller groups can seek out the more intimate areas of the ship.

Cruise ships sail from ports all across the USA, and most of these port cities are within driving distance from a large number of cities. For those not near any port, all cruises offer reasonably priced air options that also include transfers to and from the airport and cruise ship, taking the hassle out of arrival and departure.

Eat to your heart’s delight – it’s already included in your cruise fare! There is an amazing range of high quality dining (both casual and formal) available on cruise ships. The cruise line can arrange for a family to dine together in advance, and then you can select a couple of your nights on board to let everyone dine as they wish, whether it’s pizza or hamburgers, exotic cuisine in an alternative dining venue, or the comfort and elegance of the main dining room.

And, best of all – cruise ships mean less hassle. You’ll pack and unpack just once, and you won’t spend any extra time trying to confirm dining or lodging reservations. All of that has been taken care of prior to your arrival. The only thing you’ll have to think about is having fun and making family memories that will last a lifetime.