5 Reasons River Cruising Is A Great Vacation Choice

Saone River

Many travelers have cruised on ocean vessels to the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe and other ports throughout the world. For those looking for a new and unique experience one should consider taking a river cruise. River cruises are offered throughout the world including Europe, Russia, China and Egypt. The experience of a river cruise is like no other cruise. A river cruise vacation allows travelers to really become immersed in the area they are visiting. Here are five reasons why river cruising is a great vacation choice for both the new and experienced traveler alike.

  1. Explore Beyond The Coast – River cruising is much different from cruising on an ocean-going vessel. When you dock in port and walk off the ship you are quite literally in the middle of a city or town. You also get to visit much smaller cities which gives you the opportunity to really experience the culture of the area. These interesting and sometimes off-the-beaten-path locations make for a great cruise experience you’re sure to remember forever.
  2. A More Personalized Cruise Experience – Traveling on some of the larger cruise ships around the world, you’re likely to find yourself lost in the mix. With thousands of fellow passengers and crew constantly on the move, it can be hard to provide a personalized travel experience. River cruises offer an opportunity to bond with fellow passengers and forge relationships with a helpful cruise staff. River cruise providers like Avalon Waterways Cruises, Viking River Cruises, AmaWaterways or Uniworld River Cruises create an atmosphere that is easy to enjoy. Instead of being another sheep in the herd, you can enjoy your travel companions as the beautiful scenery unfolds. Be sure to bring a camera to document the experience and capture photos of your new friends as well as the one-of-a-kind destinations.
  3. Enjoy Local Destination Cuisines – Many river cruise lines offer a rotating cuisine that reflects your most recent port of call. Leave the pizza and hot dogs at home and take your taste buds along for the ride. From local specialties as you travel through Europe, to fantastic meals as you sail in the Galapagos Islands, you’re sure to find something as new as it is delicious. Most meals feature local ingredients and regional wines served up by experienced chefs.
  4. Tailored Presentations From Local Experts – River cruises tend to feature local guides who are experts in a particular field. Avoid the more nuanced lecture-driven tours of common cruise lines and opt for a more personalized tour from a local naturalist, guide or storyteller. These folks aren’t skimming through a Wikipedia section for your next destination to prepare for their presentation; they know the area, live in the region and truly enjoy informing others.
  5. Spend Less Time “At Sea” – Perhaps one of the most intriguing reasons to choose a river cruise over a traditional cruise or comparable vacation is the 360 degree experience. As you find yourself submersed in location after location, you’ll spend far less time staring at open water (or open road, for that matter) and far more time enjoying what you came to enjoy: the surroundings. The rivers of Europe, China, Egypt and other river cruise destinations offer an amazing array of enjoyable scenery. On traditional cruise lines there are days “at sea” but on a river cruise vacation, every day is an adventure.

One thought on “5 Reasons River Cruising Is A Great Vacation Choice

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